Wanna be in love again


I wanna be in love.
Feel that adrenaline rush that makes me hot and cold at the same time.
I want to anticipate that first kiss.
I wanna hold hands and show you off that your mine.
I wanna draw maps on the ground when you make me blush.
Want to smile when I look at your picture
And get excited when you call me.
I want to get mad, glad, and sad about you.
I want to cook for you, fatten you up.
I want to get a big hug
And breathe in your cologne,
Let it work on my senses.
I want to tingle when I think about you.
I wanna write you poetry,
That makes you happy and sometimes blush.
I want to tease you and drive you crazy.
I wanna be in love again.

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  1. I wanna let you know that i was inspired with your poem
    I wanna let you know that i follow you on twitter
    I wanna let you know that i wanna read more from you.
    I wanna let you know that you make my day.
    Be blessed.

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