bliss 2

That first kiss that made me tingle.
That taste of chocolate that gives me a sugar high.
The smell of that perfume that makes me feel like a supermodel on the runway.
That music that makes me dance, sing, lift me up when am down.
The smile of my nephew that touches my heart.
Ice cold water or milk on a hot day.
Finding a pair of great shoes in my size and the right price.
Laughing until I cry.
Knowing God loves me unconditionally.
Putting a smile on a loved one’s face.
Sharing a meal with the people I love.
Writing a good poem or story.
Impacting someone’s life positively.
Seeing my dreams come true.
Being myself, true to me, not hiding behind masks.
Holding a little baby in my arms.
All the little things that make me happy.

smile 2

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