African beauty


She awakes with the morning sun,
Walks down to the river,
Her hips swaying gently to an internal rhythm.
Her full luscious lips humming along to a tune as old as time.
The sunlight hits her honey brown oiled skin,
So smooth and flawless it begs to be touched.
Her eyes they hold laughter, twinkling gently with mirth
And her deep dimples they wrinkle as she laughs.
Her natural black hair in cornrows decorated with shells,
And a pot balanced delicately on her head.
Her clothing is simple and it does no justice,
To her full African figure,
Body carved like a beautiful statue,
Plump thighs and breasts and big hips
As she walks, her elegant legs take on
A rhythm, a catwalk.
She is an unrivalled beauty.
An African queen.
She is beauty,
An African woman.

raylitpoems 2004

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