Sometimes it rains when I thought the sun
would shine and brighten my day
and it ruins my day
I wish that I could control the seasons
make them do what I will.
Sometimes I wish that I could turn back the clock
and change my destiny.
it is hard to cope with things
that I cannot control,
things that have hurt me
and caused me pain
but what I choose to do is stand strong
and do my very best
that when I look back at the sands of time
I may know that I did something
I did not let the storm toss me away.
I learnt to lean on God at these times;
I let him anchor me in his love
because he holds my future and the rain both
in his hands.
No matter what happens
I know
one thing is for sure.
God will be right by my side,
watching over me.

raylitpoems 2005

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