Little legs following big legs, trying to catch up.

Madonna smile that looks up at a hero.

Love that radiates from knowing that she is loved and cherished.

She sits on a small stool in her father’s kiosk, watches transactions of goods and money.

Lifted up to the grill to help her daddy sell.

She gets rewarded with sweets and crisps.

Play with friends and when she falls she runs to him to make it better.

Sickness comes and she cant breathe.

Dad stays at her side at the hospital bed, holding her hand when they inject the needle with medicine to make the chest better.

She is bad, bad little gal doing what daddy says what is wrong.

She is disciplined, brought to line with some tough love.

But while her bottom is still smarting from the belt,

He holds her and tells her I love you.

I just want you to do the right thing.

And though there’s pain friendship is restored.

And chanda na pete they remain.

Till that fateful day when death sought to separate them,

But death where is thy sting?

Real love doesn’t end with death.

You were my friend, my teacher, my mentor.

My Daddy.

I will always love you,

Respect what you did for me.

I will always look back at our ten years together

And thank God for having you in my life.

Rest In Peace Daddy

1950 – 1990.

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