My heart is dialling your number


I miss you.
I know I shouldn’t.
I want to pick up the phone and call.
Pride won’t let me.
Words were said, feelings were hurt.
Trying to move on, but invisible strings keep putting me back.
Logic has nothing to do with what I feel.
Logic dictates that I move forward,
Many fish in the sea waiting to be caught.
My heart insists that there’s only one knight in shining armor for me.
Letting go is harder than staying.
But it was time to stop living a fairytale.
In real life things don’t always work out
People don’t always live happily ever after,
Just because they are in love.
They fight, break up, make up and sometimes breakups are final.
So I want to call,
My heart is dialing your number
But my brain is refusing to connect the call.
So another day goes,
And sanity slowly returns.


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