Finally I can say,
My heart is soothed,
Bitterness that took root has been pulled out roots and all,
Am letting thoughts of inspiration flow like water through me,
Removing the debris of what we had.
I’m letting go of the anger and pain,
I can afford to smile again.
I let forgiveness wash the salt off my wounds.
We will never be friends like we used to,
That requires trust and guess what don’t trust you
With my heart no more.
You were careless with it, broke it
Yet you claimed you loved me.
You know why am strong.
Because I deserve better,
And I finally woke up, smelt the coffee and moved on.
So am taking the bits and pieces of my heart,
That were scattered,
Putting them back together.
For you there’s a sign,
“No through road “ and “STOP”.
There’s no road open through my heartland anymore,
Am putting up barriers, road under construction.
Am a fighter and one day when
This road that goes through my heart opens,
I will get a better class of driver driving on that road.
The tears, the drama, the heartache,
It’s all behind me like a bad road trip,
On a road full of potholes driving at full speed,
With a drunken matatu driver who doesn’t give a hoot.
I laughed and I cried,
But finally am able to raise my head.
I will get through this journey.

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