Looking for love


Where do I start?
Looking for love, in all the right places,
That’s what I should be doing.
But what happens if am still hang up on you?
On your smile that warmed my heart.
On our conversations that made my day.
How you made me smile when I was down.
Where do I look for another guy who has the qualities that you did,
A you that’s not you.
Problem is I need a clone of you,
One who won’t take me for granted and break my heart.
Been out of that date madness so long I don’t know where to start.
On the web, in church, through the networks.
Don’t want to be alone yet don’t know,
If am ready for the highs and lows of love.
The blows that knock you to the ground
Or the power that makes you soar.
I don’t know if am ready for love
Or is it love is ready for me?

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