Deranged characters


Running across my brain,
Like athletes on weed are some characters called words,
That want to form a coalition called a story.
I am the captain of this ship
But the shipmates they mutiny and take over my brain.
They force me under pain of torture to write.
Wake me up from sweet dreams
Force me to write in blood and tears what they create in my mind.
They have no mercy these characters.
They are like the animaniacs,
Crazy, deranged but sweet at the same time.
Their aim is to take over the world,
One poem, one story at a time.
Am a walking, talking human puppet,
Controlled by little characters running in my head!
I need rescuing, am not responsible for my actions.
Don’t blame me for what I write.
Am only a puppet being manipulated, a mask as it were.
Everything can be blamed on,
Laid squarely on the heads of those funny characters in my head called words.

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