Talking over with words


I wanna break the rules,
Skid on thin ice,
Go where no man has gone before.
Tired of being miss goodie two shoes.
There’s this fire that burns in me, hot, scorching.
I have a dream, a passion to succeed.
My dreams are sketches on paper and in my head.
Childhood visions of being a great writer,
And the words they burn in me,
Wanting to get out.
No fire can quench this dream.
And it will be, this dream.
Am breaking the rules,
Shattering the windows of my soul to give a peak inside.
The world is my stadium and am ready to play.
So break open the bottles of ink,
Let’s paint the town red with words that intoxicate,
Let’s break the mental barriers that lock down our creativity.
Let’s rebel against the institution of what’s been set in literature.
Let’s break it down, break the rules.
Let’s take over the world with our words and thoughts.

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