Growing older


Am growing, older every day. Everyday the canvas that is me changes. The lines now become more pronounced. Am glad for the laugh lines, for all the joys big and small that have drawn themselves on my face. The tears of loss and sorrow too have etched their ink on my skin. With growth has come learning, hard painful lessons. The only love am sure of is that of God, my family and my closest friends. Of these only God has never made my heart bleed, never hurt my tender soul. My heart’s been broken and the hurt so deep, its unfathomable. And these too have left their lines on my face and in my heart. Am wiser though, experience being a bittersweet teacher. I have learnt that sometimes all you have is you, because others dont believe in your dreams. Growing has rid me of the arrogance of youth and believing that things will go as planned. I have realised; things, plans, people change but I must keep my true dreams alive, the ones that feed my soul and make it glow. Am older and wiser, learning to grow from a young sapling into a strong mighty tree. Am growing.

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