The light of my heart


Love that man the Son,
His love radiates like the sun,
Bringing warmth to the cold and breaking icy hearts.
Constant too like the sun is he,
Always there his light shinning on the good and wicked alike,
Piercing through hearts broken,
Shining his light in the dark and bringing souls to enlightenment.
He who sat with his enemies having a meal,
Tolerant of those who hated him,
Turning those enemies into admirers.
He who modeled servant leadership,
Who humbled himself and washed unclean feet with water,
Unclean hearts with his blood.
He who knowing they would betray him,
Loved them anyway, spread his arms in love and died,
Forgiving them before he died.
This man who forgives my daily betrayals and departures from his path.
Yet this man still loves me even when I break his heart.
I love this man the Son,
The light of the world,
The light of my heart.

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