Jumping without a parachute (for Wamathai)


Fear should be studied as a disease,
Being as to how it cripples the vision,
And paralyses the brain.
Fear blinds,
Makes grown men quake and shiver.
It makes alcohol and drugs a medicine to chase away the nightmare,
But causes addiction instead, a crutch for chasing fear.
I must admit its gripped me,
Held me in its claws,
Made me doubt I can make it.
But I’m gaining strength,
Fighting fear with courage and determination.
You taught me not to be afraid,
Pursuing THE DREAM is worth the fight.
I’m jumping without a parachute,
Jumping in faith that a trampoline shall find me,
Bounce me back up.
Life’s too short to live in fear.
Take courage, hold my hand
And let’s take a leap.

(To my first book, I toast, that in December around the time I celebrate my birthday I shall have a brand new baby, a book with the working title of “reflections of the sun”).

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