black women

Did I say I would love you until death?
Meant it, meant to keep that promise,
But when you said you loved me, you lied,
And I heart broken I cried.
Now am like steel,
Made strong by the forge,
Heat or hate, makes the spirit strong,
And emerged I, strong and cold.
Before I was like ore,
Soft, malleable, easy to break into pieces,
Things have changed,
A sharp blade I am,
Dangerous, not to be played or toyed with.
Be sure of this,
If we meet again
This shall be no spurring match, no friendly war,
Or mushy banter.
I shall not be kind,
So keep away,
Keep hiding in your denial,
Keep thinking that you’re still a knight.
If you come near,
I will run my blade through your lying heart,
Watch you bleed, and walk away.
No defeat, no surrender.

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