The man who broke his heart for me


The preacher said to the ladies, if you are heartbroken, turn to Jesus. Jesus who loves you so much he died for you, broke his heart that you may live. This man that loved women, not in a sexual way but in a spiritual way. He stood up for women like Mary Magdalene, who was condemned to death for adultery, he saw past her sin and saw her, the woman that yearned to be loved, wanted to make a living because she had no man to take care of her. Jesus looked beyond her label of prostitute, forgave her and told her to change her ways. That is why she washed his feet with her tears, dried them with her hair and poured the costly oil, her fortune on his feet. She acknowledged that this man was not an ordinary man.

Then there was the Samaritan woman, Jews were not to hang out with them. Jesus talked to her, had a drink with her, and showed her that she was more than just an adulterous woman, she had a destiny. She was so amazed and awed she was the first woman to spread the gospel. She got from Jesus living water. She got transformed by the power of Jesus love, his compassion and knowing that as a woman and a Samaritan at that Jesus could have ignored her but she touched his heart and he changed her destiny.

Then there was Mary his mother. They say the true measure of a man is how he treats the people around him, especially his mother and sisters. Jesus loved his mum so much he did the first miracle for her. This woman who so believed in him, she was the first convert to Christianity, she believed in him even before he was born, believing what God said that he was the messiah. And even as he died he thought of his mum, knowing that his mother’s heart was breaking for him even as he did break his heart for all people. He told John, the disciple who he loved to watch over her as his mother. Oh what a man of sorrows yet a man of compassion.

Then there is me, the prodigal daughter that run away. Wanting this life’s pleasures and gambling away my queenly inheritance. I broke Jesus heart, kept him nailed to the cross with my deeds. Yet even in darkness, his light and love was still shinning in me. And when I came home, bruised, hopeless, broken he ran to me and embraced me. Clothed me in new garments and had a feast of rejoicing in my honor. He forgave me for my sins, restored me, let me know that he loved me and always will. This man that continually heals my broken heart, and lets me know that I am a princess. This man that broke his heart for me, let his body bleed that my heart and soul might be healed, and give me a life beyond the one I live now, an eternal hope and destiny. It’s true this man broke his heart for me.

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