Dear God – subject: End of the world


I hear that you’re coming tomorrow the 21st of May at 6 p.m. You’re so punctual. You know I never believed in that prophecy seeing as to how Jesus said that no one knows the hour of your coming. But just to be on the safe side let me be like the 5 wise virgins and keep extra oil. I am confessing all of my sins right now.

It’s been nice knowing you here on earth. I know I have been like a rebellious teenager but look I think am actually maturing. It would be nice if you didn’t have a little black book with my sins when I get there, ok, volumes of black books. I hear you show a video of someone’s life and what they did while they were on earth. I have just one request; don’t let my mum be in the room. She would kill me. I know you understand these things.

Anyway I wanted to know since I am going to have my own shack, am still working on getting a mansion, can I choose the color? By the way will it be like a hotel where I can order from the menu. Do you have ice-cream and crisps in heaven? It wouldn’t really be heaven if it didn’t.

Am really excited to be meeting Jesus in person. I know alot of people will be shocked to find out his black and not white with blue eyes and blond hair. Well they will get over it. I know it will be the best fun ever. Being in your presence and hanging out with you.

Anyway I know you’re busy. You’re getting heaven sparkling clean for the visitors tomorrow so I should let you get to it.

Love you and see you tomorrow, if that’s when your coming to earth for your loved ones. If not we are still cool. I would love a chance to work on getting that mansion you know, now that I have sowed my wild oats.



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