Dear God. Thanks for the grace period here on earth!


Hey there Daddy.

Thanks for not coming on Saturday. I was prepared to go but I do have very many loose ends to tie up. And you know I need to work for that mansion. Now that the rapture didn’t happen I could use your help. I need a favor, a miracle actually. Could you multiply my remaining salary just like you multiplied the fish and the bread?

Things are crazy with the rising cost of living. Sometimes I feel like am working to transport myself to work and then back home. It seems I am working for the matatus and not my employee. Then there’s those other bills electricity and water. God do you get the feeling sometimes that we may have to go back to being a candle and firewood economy? Our electricity provider has raised their rates. Never mind that half the time electricity is a ghost in our homes appearing and disappearing like apparition. It’s a shame the company makes billions off of people like me yet they don’t give me value for money. The water company well the water only comes between 2pm and 6pm and it’s a trickle which makes me wonder whether that’s my second job, waiting for containers to fill so that we can have water.

It’s like everything has gone haywire. The food prices have gone up, actually everything has gone up. The only things that haven’t changed are my salary and politicians. That’s not a comforting thought. I wonder what planet our politicians come from. They seem to speak a different language and they seem to be seeing yet blind. They are so caught up in trying to vie for elections a year away yet they can’t tell me what they have done for me so far. Our MP’s are just white elephant projects, Good on paper but cant or wont work in the field. Maybe you could touch my employer’s heart and we could get a raise, based on inflation. You can’t see it happening well neither can I, but I can dream and miracles happen right?

Actually when I think about what’s happening I get depressed. Maybe it’s not a good thing that we are still here; maybe Saturday’s exit would have been a plan. But it’s cool. I know I can survive anything as long as you’re with me. You make everything bearable because otherwise I might go mad. Help me get through this rough time and get me to the other side.

You know Jeremiah 29 is a gift for me, because it shows me that you have a plan for me. I may not understand it. I may not see where it’s going; its kinda like those thriller movies with a surprise ending where you say wow well I did not see that coming. I believe it. I know a lot of people don’t but I do. After all the stuff you’ve gotten me through the rest will be a piece of cake. I’m hanging my whole life on that verse that you know the plans you have for me, plans for good and not for evil, to give me a hope and a future. God make my future so bright I got to wear shades.


P. .S. Kisses and hugs to Jesus.

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  1. Totally feel you. I guess our salvation is in the fact he holds our tomorrow. It blessed me

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