When the cradle falls


I can hear your laughter echoing,
Bubbling as it does when a child laughs.
Innocent, you cling to your mother,
A shadow following her wherever she went.
Your world was secure, until death struck,
In an instant, a heartbeat, Daddy died.
No understanding had you,
“Where was Daddy?” you cried.
In your childish babble of unfinished words,
A language of babies, you wanted Daddy.
Your heart ached because daddy didn’t come back,
And you clung tighter to mum, not understanding why.
Your laughter was quieter, more reflective.
A blow had been dealt,
Though you didn’t understand, you understood.
Four months later, my heart aches,
Breaks, unwept tears burning in my heart.
In the twinkling of an eye the death angel took you.
Mind can’t take that I will never see you again.
Gone too soon at 2 1/2 years of age.
No more laughter and bright spark.
No more babble of childish speak,
Giggles, greetings and good byes.
No more, the cradle has fallen.

For Mwangi, a little angel friend of mine who went to sleep last week and awoke in Jesus arms. I will remember you always.

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