God’s Storyboard.


Artist looked at the blank pages. Plotted a storyline, a storyboard of a life. In pencils he draws an outline of the way the story should go. In inks and paints he fills the images in. He starts with the background; the figure in the painting is still in shadow. He lovingly fills in the scenes making them come to life, making them burst into color.

The character is painted in, from birth to present. The future is still penciled in, but no inks and paints yet. The storyboard has been written but as every artist knows characters can be stubborn and sometimes story scripts have to be changed. Some subjects don’t know their place; they want to break free from their storyline. They wriggle and giggle. The artist knows what’s best but sometimes the story has to develop on its own, to be natural you see.

The art of life is a painting. God is the artist and I am the subject in the painting. This is my storyboard. I’m living my story, trying to live it the way he wants it. Although I sometimes challenge and change the storyline the artist is still there for me. He wants to color beauty and grace into the painting. The artist has a plan for this comic strip; from birth to death he has set the number of blank scripts.

The artist’s plan is the ultimate, to make me a superhero, conquering situations and foes, creating allies to get me ahead. Now that this character finally knows her place in the story, she is content to let the artist colour in the scenes, to complete and script the storyboard that is her life.

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