Dear God. Thank you.


I was watching Steve Harvey today when he hosted Praise The Lord and his first guest was Kirk Franklin. He was saying how he used to get freaked out about getting saved again because he never knew any saved fun people. Then 16 or was it 11 years ago he met Kirk and he was amazed that you can be saved and still be fun and funny. Eventually when he did decide to get saved Kirk encourage him and was there for him. He talked about his life and how he is struggling to live more of a christian life now. Steve said a phrase that stuck in my mind. “I was who I was. I am who I am. and am cool with both people.”

Thats why am writing a Thank You letter. Lord you know where I have come from. I have messed up, done things I shouldnt have, things that am not proud of and been someone I shouldnt have become. Things if my mother knew she would either have a heart attack or kill me. But you loved me anyway. And while I was in the shadows you were still shining your light on me. Even when I disappointed you and made you sad, you still loved me. That is what broke my heart, my stubborness and made me want to come back.

I thank you for my past. It made me who I am. I thank you for my future. Because in it am going to become the person you meant me to be. That is trully awesome. I thank you for the situations I went through because it helps me to understand others and not judge them. It makes me realise every day that a saint is just a sinner who fell down.

Thanks for being you. For loving me and dying for me on that cross. Thank you for sticking around when you didnt have too.

Mob love.


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