Martin sat at the bar, sipping his drink. He scanned the crowd at the nightclub. The human traffic moving in and out of the dance floor. He was looking for someone, on the hunt for his next prey. No one interested him. Been there, done that, he thought.

Then he saw her on the edge of the dance floor. “Oh my, sexy sexy!” He licked his lips. The woman seemed to have been poured into that red dress. It clung to her curves like a glove and she had the body of a goddess. He had to get a second look, his predator instinct kicking in. He almost roared the mighty lion in hunt of the beautiful gazelle.

red dress

Martin moved up to her and ignoring the other hungry eyes watching them, started dancing with her. Up close she was more striking then from afar. She had clear ebony skin, brown eyes, and a beautiful face with full lips that begged to be kissed. He flirted with her as they danced, romancing her with seductive smiles and those smooth dance moves that he had perfected. He bought her drinks and made her laugh, lowering her inhibitions.

At 3 o’clock he whispered in her ear that they should go to his house to get to know each other better. She agreed and went with him.


Next morning, Martin woke with a smile on his face. “Oh what a night!” Still sleepy but content, he reached out for his latest catch but she wasn’t there. She’s probably downstairs making breakfast. He drifted back to sleep feeling really tired.

A couple of hours later he awoke and looked at his watch. It was 4 0’clock in the afternoon. “Oh my God! Am late for work,” he said. He woke up and looked around at his empty room. What! His eyes widened and he had to rub his eyes. He ran all around the house getting almost hysterical when he found all his possessions were gone. He had been systematically robbed. The hunter had become the hunted, the player had been played.

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