Salute to all the great Fathers!


Salute to all the great fathers.

I salute you, oh great father.
You who made sure I did not go hungry.
You who made sure my homework was done.
You who played with me and made me giggle.
You who loved me and showed me that you did.
You who disciplined me when I went wrong so that I would turn out right.
You who spent the night by my bedside when I was sick.
You who taught me that I am priceless.
You who spent time with me and mentored me.
You who treated my mother with respect and love,
Showing me how a loving relationship should be.
You who put a roof over my head.
You who made sure my school fees was paid.
You who taught me the value and role of family.

I salute you oh great father,
Who knew a father is not just a title but a doing word.
A salute for the men who’ve been my father.
To my real Dad, whose six foot under,
But whose fathering I remember to this day.
I am who I am because of you,
And your lessons I still heed to this day.
Thank you for the time I had with you,
For showing me how a great father leads.
To my Grandpa, my dad’s dad,
For being our rock when our foundation was shaken.
Thank you for the love that you gave us,
The unconditional love, the support,
And for treating my mum like your daughter,
For the advice over the years,
That helped us get on the right path.
To all the family uncles and grandfathers who took time to mentor,
To look after a fatherless family,
To help raise us the way my father would have wanted.
Always present, always watching, always comforting,
Who gave me a hope and a future,
Who knew me even before I was formed,
And loved and had a plan for me.
To my father God who always provides,
Who always loves me and protects me.
To the greatest fathers in the world.

I salute you,
All the great fathers of the world.

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