Wedding vows – I thee wed


The Groom

You are like the dawn of the sun, beautiful and breathtaking. You bring out the best in me; you are the best of me. I promise to love you when the sun shines and when it rains, in the good and bad times.

I promise to protect, respect and honour you. You are a priceless ruby and I will always treasure you. Thank you for accepting to be my wife, to share my joys and sorrows. I pray that I will always make you smile and proud that am your man. I will cherish your heart, mind and body always.

Take my hand and walk with me by my side, into our sunset years, let me be your protector, your friend and your husband. With this ring I thee wed, with a promise that I will always be there for you, God being my guide and strength. May God be the foundation of our marriage, the third in our love triangle.

The Bride.

Your love has been sweet like honey to a bee. I will love you until the day that God decides to send one of us home. I have loved you with all my heart since the day my heart decided that you’re the one. I promise to love, respect, honour and take care of you.

My heart sings when am in your presence and your love is like the sun, warming my heart. I want to be your partner, your friend, mother to your kids and your wife. You are like gold, very precious. I put my life, my heart, and body into your hands. I ask that you treat them with care as I shall do with yours.

I pray that God will give us many loving years together and let us be together when our heads turn grey. May the Lord bless us and keep us as in love as we are now in the next 50 years. I promise to always value you and seek your advice.

I pledge my heart and life to you so help me God. May God be the foundation of our friendship and partnership. With this ring that I thee wed I vow to cherish, honour and give my best to you.

GOD’s Vows.

My children, I knew you before you were formed. I loved you even when you were a thought in my mind, when I hadn’t yet created you. I have watched you grow, big and strong. I have watched you fall in love with the partner I had chosen for you. I know you had been hurt before but when you cried I wiped your tears. I knew the best was yet to come.

Thank you for praying and consulting me about your partner. It’s a good thing you prayed for them before you met them and are still praying for them. My vow to you is if you keep me at the center of your love connection, the foundation of your home then I will get you through to the end.

Always remember 1 Corinthians 13. Drill those words into your mind, your heart; let it be the center of your love. Love is not perfect and neither is marriage but if you put the other above yourself then you will work things out. Love is not a feeling; it’s a decision so choose to love your partner, to love them with all their faults. After all you’re not perfect but I love you anyway. Learn to forgive for that is one of the roots of a long marriage.

Always remember I am here for you. Talk to me when you have problems in your marriage instead of telling the whole neighborhood and the whole clan. Remember you are one so you should agree and not let outside forces divide you. Listen and be slow to anger but be quick to understand and you will go far.

Remember I love you and am so excited that you’re in love, honouring your vows before me. Honour those vows always through sickness and health, through riches and poverty, through the good times and bad times.

I, your God will always be your protector, your rock if you build the foundation of your marriage on me.

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