Wedding vows II


Your love has been sweet like honey to a bee. I will love you until the day that God decides to send one of us home. I have loved you with all my heart since the day my heart decided that your the one. I promise to love, respect, honour and take care of you. My heart sings when am in your presence and your love is like the sun, warming my heart. I want to be your partner, your friend, mother to your kids and your wife. You are like gold, very precious. I put my life, my heart, and body into your hands. I ask that you treat them with care as I do so with yours. I pray that God will give us many loving years together and let us be together when our heads turn grey. May the Lord bless us and keep us as in love as we are now in the next 50 years. I promise to always value you and seek your advice. I pledge my heart and life to you so help me God. May God be the foundation of our friendship and partnership. With this ring I vow to cherish, honour and give my best.

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