Magic carpet


Come ride with me on my magic carpet.
Let me take you to the land of fantasies,
Let’s dance with the fairies and play with the butterflies.
Let’s ride dragons and do a fire dance.
Let’s visit the gnomes and play in the garden.
Let’s make magic with the elves and cast magic spells.
Let’s let our imagination go wild.
Come lets fall in love, deep,
Let it shake the foundations of our hearts.
Let’s sigh in contentment,
Breathe in the fragrance of romance.
Let’s cry tears of sorrow when our hearts break,
When love wasn’t what it should be.
When dark poisonous thoughts like arrows spring in the heart.
Let me show you the texture,
The depth of love,
The width and breath of heartbreak and hate.

Let me take you on a journey,
Let me show you magic.
Hold my hand,
Climb on the magic carpet that is fuelled by imagination.
Let’s ride the magic carpet that is poetry.

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