Can you feel it, see it, and smell it?
It’s coming!!!
Bright skies, brilliant sun.
Dreams transformed,
Invisible to visible.
I can hear them matching,
Good days coming.
Can you hear the music?
That’s the beat for your victory dance.
Don’t give up, they are coming.
Listen that’s your victory parade,
Your fans are rejoicing that you made it,
See them dance and sing.
There’s your haters drinking sour lemonade,
Talking bad but there’s nothing they can do.
Smell that,
Its faint but you can smell it.
The sweet aroma of success.
Keep reaching out, stretching yourself,
Working out your plans, maintaining faith,
Giving thanks, being the blessing,
Believing in God and self.
It’s coming to town,
Your days of triumph.
Don’t give up,
Not today, not tomorrow.
Lift your head up high,
Don’t give up!

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