Understanding her.


I don’t understand this woman. I stare at her. She’s pretty, sweet and got a great body. But simmering behind the outward shell I see insecurities. I love her smile but it hides pain and anguish. She’s loved and lost. Fought, is fighting battles that have left scars on her mind, heart, and emotions. She has been broken but she chooses to rise from ashes.

She has the heart of a warrior yet sometimes her mind betrays her with cowardly thoughts. She wonders if she will make it but thinks what other option is there. She talks to God asking for grace, for mercy and miracles. She knows her life is in his hands though many times she tries to snatch it back.

Sometimes angel, sometimes bitch, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes inspiring, sometimes depressing. She is beauty but she is also beast. I can’t understand this woman but I try.

I look at her and my reflection in the mirror stares back at me.

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