Temptation he calls me


Temptation he calls me,
Singing me songs that make me want to dance to his tune.
His cologne is sexy,
Alluring, making me want to get close.
He’s as tempting as a strawberry and mango ice cream,
Or like a large bar of hazelnut chocolate.
He smiles such a seductive smile
And am so tempted to get close.
Temptation knows my weaknesses,
Knows how to get me weak kneed.
I try to resist,
Try to make up my mind,
Try to say “NO” like the good girl I am.
The problem is temptation knows me personally,
We have known each other a long time,
From when I was a babe.
He knows my weak spots some better then even I.
And so he sings me a siren song to drown out reason,
And I sway to the music,
Trying to resist and keep my sanity.

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