Because life is beautiful!!


I want to be happy,
Have joy that springs from within,
That gives me a smile no matter what the situation.
I want my heart to smile and giggle,
Dance vigorously and play kiddish games.
I want my heart to remember dark clouds don’t last, no way,
The sun is still there when it rains:
It will come out eventually and bring beautiful rainbows.
I fell down from the glass castle of love,
My heart broke!
But now my heart’s healing,
Although my love muscles is in physiotherapy,
I’m starting to walk again,
On the road to love again.
Most important thing is to love myself,
Giving myself love to heal those wounds.
Rebuilding my life again,
Getting stronger, new directions.
Learning to give God all my life again,
One step, one decision, one day.
Learning to embrace God’s unconditional love and grace.
Learning to live my life for him,
Know my life’s purpose.
Am learning,
Allowing mind, heart, body, and soul to exhale, to just live.
Because life is beautiful!
I don’t want to miss all the great moments being sad.
I want to be glad, to enjoy life,
To be the best me I can be!

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