Christian Fairytales 1- The Princess And The Frogs


There was in the magical kingdom of Ajabu a very beautiful princess. She was the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom. The kingdom was a magical kingdom in which all creatures could walk on two feet and talk.

Many princes and other creatures came to court the princess. Now the princess was very naughty. She wasn’t a very good princess. She had heard that Dawgs were the most fun creatures to date and so she did. They had some great fun and she was the talk of the town. But these Dawgs broke her heart. They weren’t serious; they just wanted to have fun.

Eventually, the princess wanted to marry but she couldn’t get a good groom. So she went to a witch who advised her to get the true love she needed to kiss a frog who would turn into a prince. So she kissed many frogs but none of them turned into a prince.

The Princess lifestyle took a toll on her. Because of her behaviour, she had turned into a troll, no longer beautiful and courted by everyone. She used to lock herself in her room and cry wishing she could turn back the clock and change everything.

One day her godmother came to see her and was shocked to see how she had changed. She cried to her godmother and asked her what she could do to become a princess again. Her godmother reached into her bag, removed a book, and gave it to the troll princess. It was a magical book called The Bible. “Read this every day and practice what it says. Then you will turn back into a princess!”

The princess started reading The Bible every day. At first, it was hard to practice the wisdom in the book but eventually, she started feeling the effects of its magic. Then one day after about a year she looked at herself in the mirror (she had had all the mirrors in the palace destroyed earlier when she was a troll) and she was the beautiful princess again.

The Princes was so happy to be beautiful again she threw a big party to celebrate. She wanted to show people she had changed and tell them about the magical book. At the party, she met a wonderful prince who had read the book and practised its magic. After a year of dating the princess got married and then had a wonderful life.

Christian fairytales 2 – the prince and the maiden

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