Cloudy celebration!


The McCloud family are celebrating. Mr. Sun is sick today so they get to play. Mr. Sun is so boring, he likes to shine and smile all the time, he doesnt like it to get dull and grey. Now the cloud family can have a ball, it feels good to pour water on those busy people down there, oh see them scatter, such fun to be had. See the flowers grow, a riot of colour, the McCloud family love to see things grow especially flowers. Its so much fun to be up in the sky, with no Mr. Sun to make things too hot, now the clouds can become puffy and full, feed on moisture and do what they love to do. To pour rain on the earth and make the sky dull and grey. Oh dear! I hope Mr. Sun will feel better soon and come back to stop the mischievous clouds from making the day cold and grey.

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