Standing by me


When I needed a smile,
You were there to make me laugh.
You filled my heart with joy and laughter,
When all I wanted to do was run, hide and cry.
When it was all too much,
When my spirit broke,
When depression had me in a deadlock,
You held me in your arms and whispered
“You will make it. Stand up and shine.
Let go and let me help you stand.”
You have stood by me even when I have made bad decisions,
Even those that broke your heart.
Yet you loved me still,
You still believed in me.
Your love is brighter then the sun,
More constant then the seasons.
You are the one that I will always love,
Always cherish, always respect.
You are my rock and my salvation.

For God and my mother whose love can’t be explained in words, only my heart knows the tales it can tell.

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