The Knight Princess Part 1 – The Plot Begins

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In a kingdom far away near the red sea was a kingdom called Macesa Kingdom. In this kingdom was a great king and queen who were very good rulers. They had a little princess who was named Lila. She was the apple of her parents eyes.

When Lila was about 8 years old the queen got sick and died. The whole kingdom went into mourning. The king and Lila were heartbroken. The king stopped spending so much time with Lila in his grief. Lila was given into the care of a nanny called Mary. Mary was a Christian woman who had no children and who loved and treated Lila as her own. She taught Lila all about God and taught Lila to live like a Christian.

Lila had a friend called Gabe who was two years older than her. He was the son of a Lord of the kingdom. He was being groomed to become a knight. They used to pay together and they discovered many secret passageways in the castle. They also found a small undiscovered gate at the far end of the castle. They would go out of this gate and go play near the forest that was nearby. Lila wanted to learn how to fight so Gabe would teach her how to swordfight.

When Lila was twelve years old the King married again. When travelling to another kingdom he had met a very beautiful, cunning lady called Mabel, one of the companions of the queen of that kingdom. She had impressed him and used her charms to enslave him. The king decided he could not live without her so he brought her and her son Brian to Macesa. He married her and installed her as his queen.

Mabel was an idol worshipper. She brought idols into the kingdom and ordered the people to worship her gods. She had enslaved the king with charms so he was unable to say no to anything she said. Lila, her nanny, Gabe and other practising Christians had to worship in secret because Mabel said that she would not tolerate anyone worshipping any other gods apart from hers.

Brian was a very cruel boy. He was older than Lila by 3 years. He liked to play cruel pranks on people. He also liked to catch animals and torture them. He was a very bad boy but because his mother was queen no one could touch him lest they end up in the dungeons.

The only soft spot in Brian was that when he met Lila he fell in love with her. He was always trying to impress her and make her like him. But Lila didn’t because he was very cruel. When Brian found out that Gabe was Lila’s best friend he was jealous. He told his mother to send Gabe away so that Lila could not see him anymore. Gabe was sent to finish his knight training in another kingdom far away.

When Lila was 15 the King died. The traditions said that a prince or princess would ascend the throne when they were 18. In the meantime, the council of Lords would run the kingdom and advice the prince or princess. Since Mabel was still the Queen she would be allowed to run the kingdom until Lila turned 18. Mabel had already been working behind the scenes to corrupt the Lords in the council. They would all do her bidding. The two or three lords who were against her were killed in “accidents” and replaced by others who would do the queen’s bidding.

2 years later.

The kingdom had gone dark. The queen and her son had turned the kingdom around and made it a very bad place to live. The palace was filled with mercenaries who the queen had hired. The queen was practising black magic and there was an air of evil around the kingdom. Brian had appointed himself as the reigning prince.

Brian and his mother had concocted a scheme to keep the throne. They were going to force Lila to marry Brian so that the throne would legitimately be theirs. Lila would be turning 18 years in a few months. They had told Lila and Lila refused. The queen put Lila under house arrest with some mercenaries to guard her door so that she could not escape.

One day they were talking. Brian said to his mother “what are we going to do about Lila? She is refusing to marry me.

The Queen said, “Don’t worry my son. We will convince her by all means. She will have to marry you. You have to marry her. We need to keep control of this kingdom.

Brian said, “what if she refuses. Mother, I want to marry her. Can you put a spell on her like you put a spell on her father? She has to be my queen”

The queen said, “I have been making spells. But they don’t seem to work. I don’t know what charms she is using to protect herself. Don’t worry we will use force if we have to.”

Then she added, “I know that you love her and want her as your wife but no one will mess with my plans. In the end, if she refuses I will have to kill her!”


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