You are the light that burns inside of me.


Every day the spark gets larger. The light of you grows inside of me, overtaking the darkness that plagues me. I struggle, not perfect. Hard to put my life in another’s hands. I trust you, but I dont know if I trust me. Fallen so many times, when I should have stood. Sometimes I run the race, but mostly I walk, sometimes I even crawl. I believe that am growing, learning, becoming an instrument of your grace. Your love is healing my brokeness, renewing my mind and re-energizing my spirit. Take my hand, lead me, show me your paths, make me and mold me into the person you purposed I should be. I am weak but you are strong. You put the shine in my smile, the joy in my happiness, the peace in my turmoil, the belief in my disbelief. You are the Potter & I am your clay.

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