Chasing my dreams.


I will not give up,
Running this race,
Though my vision is hazy,
My brain oxygen deprived,
My heart feels that it will burst
And my feet feel like lead,
With acid corroding them I will not give up.
I’m running, courage and fear are my pace setters
And I must choose who I want to pass and
Who I must focus on to help me achieve my dreams.
My past chases me,
Running close behind me,
Disappointments and failures dog my heels.
I must be strong,
Keep running though I feel like stopping.
Many times I want to give up,
To stop and take a break,
Sometimes I just want to give up period.
But I must push on,
I must chase my dreams,
They call to me at the finish line.
Sometimes they laugh with me,
Encourage me that I will make it.
Sometimes they sneer,
Looking at me in contempt.
I must push on, I must keep running.
I must keep chasing,
Seeking to achieve my dreams.
I must keep running,
I must not give up!

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