I’m not the girl in the X-rated rap video


This post is a response to a post by Wilf on Wamathai’s blog, Wamathai.com called I am not a Mexican soap opera man.

I’m not the girl in the X-rated rap video.
I don’t drop my panties just because you’re buying me drinks.
I am not a golddigger who needs money rained on her I can make it rain for me.
I know how to shake it but my goal in life is not to be a stripper.
I will not get pregnant with your baby just to become rich,
When that I bring baby mama drama.
I am not a chips funga or a home delivery.
Neither am I looking for a fling or to be a friend with benefits.
If your looking for me, bring you’re a game.
Come with your heart in your hands, not your John.
That chick in the X-rated video may look good,
Nice legs, tight ass and chiseled body,
But she has to keep her figure because it’s a job requirement.
Her job is looking for a rich man, she’s a golddigger.
Am chubby but sweet, have cellulite,
And maybe my body’s figure has been going just a little south.
But if you’re looking for a girl who’ll love you with all her heart,
Who’ll love you for who you are
And not what you have look my way.
A gal who loves:
Your smile; your heart; both your big and small gestures of love;
Who’ll listen and support your dreams.
I’m not the girl in the X-rated rap video
But I can be the girl who is the real deal.

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