He’s got swag.
He has that silver tongue that makes girls blush and draw maps.
An expert in turning nice girls into naughty girls.
He got the skills to turn the mind into mush,
make emotions run hot.
He makes panties drop, thats his forte.
He seduces,
Make loose inhibitions held in check disappear.
He is a ladies man,
But not every lady makes the cut.
He looks for beauty yes
But his passion is looking for innocence.
Its not about virginity,
Though he’s partial to that too.
Its about getting a lamb,
All meek and sweet,
Turning it into a tiger.
And when he’s done,
He views his masterpiece,
Nods because his work is done.
He must move on,
Because innocence is his aphrodisiac.
He leaves behind broken hearts and dreams.
He collects innocence,
Blends it into his cologne,
Its a trap,
To lure the next butterfly to come taste,
The sweet forbidden fruit.


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