Dear Cupid


Dear Cupid, flying around with your cute baby body and little wings, how have you been? You seem to be busy, making people around the world fall in love. It’s been a while since we hang out together. I think you have forgotten my name and even how I look like.

Cupid I know I said I am through with love for now, still nursing that broken heart. But its getting better, every day I get stronger, even though sometimes the heartbreak is so intense I tell myself I will never give away my heart again. But those episodes of mad hurtness are getting less and less as I deliberately choose to let go and forgive. I know being bitter will only make me a bitch/witch and I don’t want to be that man hating/ bashing chick.

Anyway the reason I am writing this letter is to ask you to pierce the right guy for me with an arrow this time. I would love to get a guy who not only loves me but can’t live without me in his life. A guy for whom I put the soul into his dance, who I am the spice in his food and put the dimple in his smile. They say in a relationship there’s one who loves more and I don’t want to be the one who loves more, that’s what got me a broken heart in the first place. I want him to love me more.

I never want to write heartbreak poetry again. So Cupid please get me the right guy this time and bring him into my life. Then you can pierce my heart as well and then make me fall in love with him.

Dear Cupid, please don’t forget. Time is of the essence, I ain’t getting any younger you know. Your friend and admirer.

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