Let’s raise a tree – in honour of Wangari Maathai. Unbowed to the end


Let’s raise a tree to the woman who spent her life growing,
Replanting what others destroyed.
She was an earth angel,
Sent by God to keep the earth safe.
Intellect, courage and compassion he gave he,
So that she could fight for his beloved creation.
She was a wonder, a woman with no limits.
She left the world awed,
When she refused to be bowed
But now her bow has fallen,
Her arrows scattered.
Her dreams live on,
Her bow and arrows a legacy to be passed to the next generation.
Let’s take it up,
Let our mother not go down to the ground,
With the passion she had for our land, our country, our world.
Let’s mourn her and move on with her work, her passion.
Let’s raise a tree in tribute to a great Kenyan warrior.
She came, she loved, and she struggled and fought.
She conquered for the environment,
And stole our hearts.
Mother Nature, Prof. Wangari Maathai, Rest in peace, our earth angel.
Gone but not forgotten.
Unbowed to the end.

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  1. Touching…great dedication Potentash…awesome!…yes, “Gone but not forgotten”
    Ngai!..sweet mama Mathai…Aai!…fallen by nature’s assegai…your works ever memorable as Mt. Sinai..

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