Picture perfect


The sun when it’s setting and those beautiful hues of yellow, red and orange that take your breath away. The smile on a mother’s face when she holds her child for the first time. When a child smiles when they take their first step without falling. The graduation picture of a graduant standing with their family and the smiles and tears that come forth. The faces of worshippers when they are singing a song of praise and the praise comes from the heart. A wedding couple when they are declared married and have their first kiss. A child getting their first taste of chocolate/icecream. When your team wins a game and the fans cheer and hug. When your loved one is in surgery and the doctor comes out and tells you they are ok. When a loved one flies back from another country after many years and you see them in the flesh and you hug them. When a child tells you for the first time I love you, hugs you and emotion overwhelms you. The moment the phone rings and the good news is you got your first job. Seeing that old married couple seated together holding hands and the love they have is reflected in their smiles. Those moments that are recorded mind snapshots in a perfect moment in time. When a smile, an emotion and a situation made your day and put that feeling of happiness in your heart. Beautiful moments. Picture perfect.

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