Is this love


Am sitting here thinking
What is it about you?
That makes me think I love you

There’s something about your smile
That makes my heart do cartwheels.
Something about your voice,
That appeals to my subconscious level,
Making it want to hear whatever you want to say
Makes me want to listen to you all day long.
Your body oh baby if it ain’t perfection
Maybe they need to change the standards.
Your body turns me on,
Your face is so cute,
And when you smile at me,
I think am going to faint
Because it seems so perfect to me,
Is this love?
Is this the real deal?
Wanting someone so much despite their imperfections,
Wishing to hear their voice or see them,
Wanting them close by,
Just to feel secure.
Having butterflies in your stomach
When you’re supposed to meet the person.
Having this pain in your chest area
When you hear that they are hurt.
Is this love?
When you see the person,
Feeling at peace,
All is well with the world
Is this love?

written a long time ago when I was very naive and in love. 28TH APRIL 2002

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