The Taste Of You!


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The taste of you on my tongue makes it tingle,
My brain explodes in pleasure.
I dream about you all the time
And when I see you I am left salivating.
You know how to touch that g-spot,
Leave me yearning for more.
You’re smooth, dark and so sweet.
You give me a high that nothing else can give me.
Your addictive, I can’t get enough of you.
I get so envious when I see you with other girls,
Wondering if you make them feel the way you make me feel,
Excited and high.
I would love to have an exclusive relationship
But you love to give many pleasure, not just one.
So I resign myself to that deep, sensual pleasure,
That I get when I am with you,
When I taste you and you melt on my tongue.
We have a passionate love affair.
I love you, my dear chocolate!

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