Let love not hate build our nation.


Let’s hold hands, as a sign of surrender and reconciliation.
Hatred had bubbled under the surface like a volcano about to erupt.
Loose talk, talk of us and them circulated.
Instead of dialogue and reaching out in love,
Blisters were left to fester and become wounds.
Wounds that became toxic.
In December 2007 the wound burst and pus spilled.
A sickness evaded the land.
Pangas and weapons were gathered,
Used to break bones, severe tissue.
Fire and pangas weapons of war.
Death and despair was born those days,
Faith, hope and love died that day.
Hatred overrun fear,
And difference in tribe was a stigma,
A mark to be blotted out.
Politicians made deals,
The world celebrated democracy and its works.
On the surface peace shows its width but hate has depth.
Let’s open the windows to the soul,
Let light shine into the darkness and air out the foul smell of tribalism.
Let’s talk out openly, bring our issues to the table.
Let’s stop smiling with our eyes while we sharpen pangas behind our back.
Let’s bring back love, real love not superficial.
Let’s stop the double talk with our “[email protected],
“While disguising our hate with sweet words to our enemies, “the others”.
Let us let go of the sins contained in that massive boiling pot called history.
Let’s genuinely forgive and forget.
Remove those daggers from our hands held behind our backs.
Let’s hold out both hands,
As a sign of surrender and reconciliation.
Let love not hate build our nation.

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