Angelica and Delilah


Angelica and Delilah.

A woman with a split personality.
Angelica with a golden heart,
A kind spirit and a heart that is true.
Thoughts that are pure, worthy of an angel.
She is a woman of virtue, modesty dressed
and she keeps it spiritual,
her body is the temple of God.
She seeks heavenly things not worldly,
And she always has good intentions.

Delilah flirts,
Likes to play mind games
And oh she likes to tease.
Mind is dark, rebellious, wanting to break the rules.
She is brash, modesty is not in her rules.
She likes to entice with her dress, make others take a second look.
She knows Victoria secrets intimately,
Her taste in lingerie is enticing.
She is worldly!
Heaven for her is chocolate and a great book.

Angelica and Delilah are like the sun and the moon,
One hot and the other cold.
They are like two sides of one coin,
And what a coin,
One that changes with the mood because when the coin is tossed
It lands it falls as one face,
Either Angelica or Delilah.
Two different women,
but One body and soul.

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