You are magic,
Because when you talk,
My brain magically forgets how you broke my heart
And my heart races, expecting miracles.
My brain is wise, knows you’re not good for me,
But my heart it’s addicted to you,
It’s like you’re a signal,
And my heart is the receiver,
My heart is turned to your channel.
I tried to stop dreaming impossible dreams,
But you override the logic in me,
Your persuasion, my passion,
My Achilles heel.
My brain knows that your magic is just an illusion
But my heart still believes in tooth fairies and Santa Claus.
So abracadabra,
Here we are again,
And the magic show plays on,
To an audience of one.


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  1. Wow! Great piece!

    Isn’t it amazing how the heart has a way of just storming into your issues and starts to order you around? The brain has got nothing on the heart!
    I have recently been discovering that what is called the will is actually the heart! I am hoping to put out my research once I am conviced…anyway, I’m just kidding.
    Matters of love and affection are the hearts ‘homeground’. You will be one luck human being if you can squeeze out a win out there. And it plays dirty when it is in its home ground. Sigh! It can resort to poisoning the body, the mind, and choke you up! I have often complained to God that that is hitting below the belt!
    The almighty and strong mind and reason often cave in to the heart. Why? I don’t know.

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