Fear and courage


Fear makes me stand statue,
Like the game we used to play as children.
I can’t move, my feet they are feel as if they stuck in clay.
Fear is like a ghost,
It lays in the shadows waiting,
And it plots its evil mischief against its victims.
It works on the mind, slowly poisoning it,
Killing the spirit until it is extinguished.
Fear loves control,
Likes to make people cry and weep when they are broken.

Courage is my champion.
He rides to rescue me from the fortress,
Where fear keeps me imprisoned.
Courage brings with him Hope his mighty sword,
And Faith his might steed.
Together they are strong.
Courage carries in him something that makes fear tremble, love.
A love strong and sacrificial.
It burns bright in Courage,
It makes the darkness that is fear dissipate.

Courage and Fear fight,
For supremacy and dominion over my mind and life.
Blood pours, as light fights dark.
In the end courage gives it his all,
And fear is seriously wounded.
He runs off on his dark horse Despair,
To lick his wounds and get energy to fight another day.
My mind is free again,
I can move again towards my dreams,
Without Fear but with Courage by my side.

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