Mr. Moon holds a party!


Mr. Moon likes to have fun,
So he holds parties once a month,
When Mr. Sun has gone to bed.
Mr. Moon, when he is full,
Makes some cheesecake and shares it with his friends.
The sparkling stars come out to dance,
Now that it is pitch dark.
When Mr. Moon is full,
He lights the sky so that you can see,
The stars dance in the night sky.
The stars twinkle and dance,
Breaking into groups, called constellations.
Look at the dark sky,
With the full moon and dancing stars,
It’s a party, they like to dance and sing,
See them shake it,
Did you see the dancing comet make a move,
Light the night as he danced across the sky?
Quick, make a wish on a dancing star,
It may come true,
Now that the stars are in a great mood.

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