Light a candle!


Light a candle for the fallen comrade, who fought a good fight,
But lost the battle with death and is now six foot under.
Sing a lamentation for the soul that’s gone heavenward too soon,
Leaving questions and broken hearts.
Write a poem in honour of achievements and successes.

baby 1
Shed a tear or two or let it flood,
Let the pain out because death hurts so deep,
It breaks psychological barriers.
Life is death, and death is life.
We are all warriors fighting a battle to stay alive,

To ride our horses faster than death’s pale horse.
But death has marked a date and time in his diary,
Where you and he shall meet,
Only one shall remain standing.
So remember time is short,
It waits for no man.
Plan for death as you plan for life,
Because what you do here has repercussions for the next.
Live a life worthy of the creator that made you a masterpiece,
With gifts and talents to light up the world in colour.
We are dust,
From dust we came to dust we shall return.

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