Mind gone walkabout!


beach things

Anybody seen a missing mind,
Hanging out on the beach.
My mind hasn’t returned from vacation.
It’s still sitting on the beach, sipping some ice cold water,
Watching beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
My mind is having fun,
Dancing the nights away.
My body’s come home but my mind had too much sun,
Got heatstroke now its gone walkabout in Mombasa.

I am sending an SOS,
If you have seen my mind wandering,
Playing on the beach like a naughty child,
Tell it to come home, playtimes over.
Hey, have you seen my mind having a ball on the beach,
While my body’s hard at work, looking to pay the bills,
For that vacation from which my mind stayed behind!
Shucks it sucks that my mind is still vacationing,
While my body’s hard at work.
Send me a text, tweet or FB message,
If you spot my mind being mannerless,
Taking off when it’s time to work.

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