Spiritual breakdown


My heart’s down, missing beats, showing zero on the monitor,
flatlined. I wanna smile like Kirk Franklin says but my heart’s not in
it. I feel empty, like the spot where God your supposed to be in is
empty, like you packed went away leaving me blue. I know its just a
feeling because you told me that you’ll never me, never forsake me. I
know your love is true and so’s your word. Right now I feel like my
spirituality is bleeding out of my heart, I cant seem to see the light
in me, darkness seems to surround me, infusing me with its negativity.
You said that you’d be the calm in the storm and right now things are
as turbulent as they can get. Am down to the ground, bleeding out the
essense of you in me. I need you to be my healer, my doctor. I need a
heart checked, then get heart medicine. Bring my heart back into life.
Flow in me and through me. Make my heart beat for you again.

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